Before & After Photos

We’ve been transforming some of Metro Vancouver’s ugliest popcorn ceilings since 2007. Allowing an average of a work week to dedicate to each ceiling resurfacing project, we’ve done somewhere on the order of nearly 1000 ceilings. We document a large portion of those ceilings that we work on, typically for future reference as well as marketing purposes. Every job will have a set of before ceiling pictures prior to starting our work, and a set of after ceiling pictures. Not all our ceiling projects end up producing pictures that we can use in this gallery, sometimes due to lighting conditions, time-of-day, cloudy seasons, and sometimes in the interest of protecting homeowners’ privacy.

The after pictures are not always of a completely finished living space. Some after pictures appear to have wall and furniture coverings in them. The reason for this is that we leave the wall and furniture coverings intact, so that the painters (who will usually start painting after we’ve wrapped up) can use them. Such is also the case for light fixtures. In some after pictures, you may see light fixtures dangling or entirely removed. This is to allow the painters to come in and apply primer and paint to the ceilings after we have completed the task of smoothing the ceilings.

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On a day-to-day basis, we get a lot of inquiries via email, text messages, and phone calls about our process, and the step-by-step details of how our projects are done from start to finish. To accommodate answering these questions adequately, while avoiding the repetitive answering of the same questions, we’ve assembled a comprehensive list of our Frequently-Asked Questions which we encourage you to look at.