Cracked ceiling in Metrotown, Burnaby

Cracked concrete ceiling in condo repaired Burnaby BC

The owner of this condo in Burnaby, like many others, was suffering from cracks that appeared in the centre and along the edges of the concrete ceiling. Frustrated after many years of looking at the ugly cracked ceiling, she decided to do something about it. She was told by other contractors that “nothing could be done” about the crack problem other than filling the crack with silicone caulking which was even uglier than the crack itself. Frustrated, the owner contacted us at

Cracked ceiling in condo repaired near Metrotown; Burnaby, BC
Cracked ceiling in condo repaired near Metrotown; Burnaby, BC

This condo came with a typical concrete ceiling that was sprayed with coarse popcorn texture by the original builder. We removed the coarse texture, ground the ceiling all the way down to the source of the crack, patched the crack so that it wouldn’t come back in the future and finished the ceiling to a very smooth, flat and beautiful finish. The way it should have been done in the first place. We also painted the ceiling and the walls for this nice lady. Now, she has a fresh, smooth ceiling in her home and she can breathe easier without all the dust and allergens getting trapped in the popcorn texture.



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Popcorn ceiling texture removed from concrete ceilings
Popcorn ceiling texture removed from concrete ceilings
Cracked ceiling around the edges
Cracked ceiling around the edges


Cracked ceiling around pot light repaired
Cracked ceiling around pot light repaired

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If the concrete ceiling in your condo is cracked and cracks are showing through the popcorn ceiling texture, don’t wait any longer for the problem to get worse. Use the quick form below to contact us here at and let us help you get your ceilings back to being crack-free, smooth and free of texture.


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Leaky roof causes ceiling cracks and delamination in Burnaby

Roof Leak in Burnaby causes cracked and delaminated ceilings
Laky roof in Burnaby causes cracked and delaminated ceilings
Roof Leak in Burnaby causes cracked ceilings

First things first; Deal with the leaky roof

The leaky roof in this Burnaby-North home was casing major headaches for the owners. Their leaky roof problem in previous years, had eventually traveled down into their ceiling and started turning their ceiling texture into something that looked like it belonged in a horror movie.

Remember, the risks associated with a leak in your roof are not limited to an ugly stain on the ceiling, or some irregular looking ceiling texture. Leaky roofs are one of the major contributors to the development of mold and mildew inside wall and ceiling cavities that can lead to respiratory illnesses and other health complications in your family.

A Leaky roof and subsequent damaged ceilings can cost a fortune

The family had contacted other outfits that claimed they could fix the ceiling, but all these other outfits ended up suggesting removal of the entire ceiling or drywalling on top of the existing ceiling. Both those options were impractical and very expensive with some quote coming in at $4000.

Now if you have just paid thousands of dollars to replace your leaky roof, the last thing you want to be doing is to spend another few thousand to get the damaged ceilings back to normal. And as suggested in this GlobalBC story, a leaky roof can cost a homeowner/landlord a lot of money. to the rescue

That’s where we came in and helped the homeowner fix his damaged ceiling for a fraction of the original quote. Not only do the ceilings look great after our process, they are also fixed properly with minimal disruption to the people living in the house. The leaky roof was a distant memory and the ceilings were smooth, popcorn-free and beautiful. We then finished the ceilings with 2 coats of premium ceiling paint and returned the house to a very happy family.

The results speak for themselves. If you have a ceiling in your home where the texture is cracking, delaminating or otherwise coming off as a result of a leaky roof or any other mishap, please contact us today and let us help you get your ceiling back to a beautiful new look.


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Ugly ceiling prevents home sale

Coarse and cracked ceiling texture preventing home seller from getting maximum value

This cozy apartment unit in Coquitlam had been listed for sale and was on the market for nearly 3 months. Every time potential clients came through, they would complain about several cracks in the ceiling which was covered by very course popcorn texture. Ugly ceilings were preventing the sale of this apartment.

cracked popcorn ceiling in coquitlam prevents sale of apartment
Cracked popcorn ceiling prevents sale of unit

All offers made on this unit were $5000 lower than the listing price, citing the ugly ceiling. Prior to contacting us at, the owner had sought help from other “handyman” sources. He had been told that there was no way to fix these several cracks in the ceilings permanently, unless the ceiling was completely ripped out and new drywall installed on the ceiling. This was not an option for the owner as it was a very expensive method and it would mean severe disruption to his lifestyle. It would also mean that he would have to take his apartment off the market for a lengthy period of time until the ceilings were fixed.

So he finally did the right thing and got in touch with us at

As you can see in the pictures below, came to the rescue of this seller. We were able to fix all the cracks in the ceiling and remove the ugly ceiling texture so this homeowner could sell his apartment at full asking price. Better yet, we fixed and beautified the ceilings for a fraction of the dollars that potential buyers were holding back from him. The cracks on the ceilings were fixed, the ceiling popcorn was removed and the ceiling was painted and ready all withing 3 days.

If you are thinking about selling your Vancouver home, don’t let an ugly ceiling lower your property value. Let us help you maximize your sale price by making your ceilings smooth, beautiful and free of cracks and free of popcorn texture. Book your free consultation TODAY by getting in touch with us.


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Amazing Ceiling Transformation in New Westminster

This apartment was located in the Sapperton neighborhood of New Westminster, in a low-rise building which was built in the 1970s. The ceiling texture in this project included asbestos, as do a very large percentage of dwellings built prior to 1980. Therefore we could not disturb the ceiling texture whatsoever, as it would be a serious health hazard.

As you can see in the before and after photos, the transformation from the textured ceilings, to a beautiful, smooth ceiling absolutely stunning. Our exclusive process seals away the asbestos for the life of the building, and eliminates it’s health hazards. Do yourself and your family a favor and contact TODAY! Stop putting up with that ugly, dusty, dirty and unhealthy textured ceiling in your home.

If you suspect that your ceiling popcorn texture includes any asbestos, contact us immediately to find out how our exclusive process can eliminate the health threat of asbestos to your family, at a fraction of the cost of asbestos abatement.


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