Love Your Smooth Ceilings

Before and after: Smooth ceilings in Burnaby - Bedroom


Before and after: Smooth ceilings in Burnaby - Bedroom
Before and after: Ceiling texture removal in Burnaby – Bedroom

Ceilings are so often overlooked in home design. At we believe that you should love your ceilings as much as you love the rest of your home. We’ve never heard anyone say that they love their ceiling texture, but we have had people tell us how much they love their smooth ceilings after we’ve worked on them.

What’s to Love About Smooth Ceilings?

It’s important to feel a sense of peace and comfort in your home. After all, it’s your refuge from this crazy world we live in. They may go mostly unnoticed, but that doesn’t mean that ceilings don’t affect the feel of your home. Dingy texture can make your home feel dark and oppressive. The difference between walking into a  home with popcorn ceilings and one with smooth ceilings is quite noticeable. And not only do smooth ceilings invoke a sense of cleanliness, but they actually are cleaner. Because there are no nooks and crannies for dust to hide in, smooth ceilings are better for your health.

Feeling the Love in Burnaby and West Vancouver

This townhome in Burnaby had ceilings that were definitely less than loveable. The old ceiling texture was crumbly and dirty and needed to go. Smooth ceilings transformed the space into a much more pleasant place to be.

Before and after: Smooth ceilings in Burnaby - Dining Room
Before and after: Ceiling texture removal in Burnaby – Dining Room
Before and after: Smooth ceilings in Burnaby - Living Room
Before and after: Ceiling texture removal in Burnaby – Living Room

The owner of this West Vancouver home decided to have his ceiling texture removed at the same time as some other renovations. While it’s always a good time to get smooth ceilings, if you’re already planning renovations, starting with your ceilings is ideal.

Before and after: Smooth ceilings in West Vancouver - Living Room
Before and after: Ceiling texture removal in West Vancouver – Living Room
Before and after: Smooth ceilings in West Vancouver - Close-up
Before and after: Ceiling texture removal in West Vancouver – Close-up

Whether you want ceiling texture removal for aesthetic reasons or health reasons, we’re certain you will love your ceilings once they’re smooth. Contact us today for a FREE quote on smooth ceilings. Call us at 604-420-7578 or contact us by email.




Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling removal in dining room of Burnaby condo
Popcorn ceiling removal around a ceiling fan that could  not be removed in a Vancouver condo
Popcorn ceiling removal around a ceiling fan that could not be removed in a Vancouver condo

You know the saying, popcorn doesn’t grow on trees? Oh, that’s not the saying? Well, it doesn’t grow on trees. And it shouldn’t grow on ceilings either. Popcorn ceilings is another term for textured ceilings. I guess they started calling it popcorn ceilings because warty ceilings just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?


*On a side note, I did a Google image search for warts when writing this post. Do not do that. Ever.



Whether you call it popcorn ceilings, textured ceilings, stippled ceilings, or what it really looks like, diseased ceilings, you can have it removed. specializes in popcorn ceiling removal.


So Popcorn Ceilings Look Bad, What’s the Big Deal?

Apart from the fact that they’re hideous to look at, popcorn ceilings are harmful to your health.

Entrance area of a Vancouver condo that has had popcorn ceiling removal
Entrance area of a Vancouver condo that has had popcorn ceiling removal

Since they are next to impossible to clean, dust gets trapped up there. Do you know what dust is composed of?  It’s a mixture of many things, including plant pollen, hair, and skin cells. Yes, all those things are trapped up in your popcorn ceiling. If you or a family member has allergies, you’ll benefit from smooth ceilings. Even if you don’t have respiratory problems, I think we can all agree that when it comes to breathing in skin cells, less is better. Now that you’re completely grossed out over popcorn ceilings, how can you have them removed?



Popcorn Ceiling Removal by the Experts

Popcorn ceiling removal in Vancouver - Living Room
Popcorn ceiling removal in Vancouver – Living Room

At, we’re experts in creating smooth ceilings. But it’s not as easy as simply scraping the popcorn off. There are a few steps involved. First the popcorn is removed with a special machine to minimize any mess. After this step, the ceilings look rough and unfinished. The second step, ceiling resurfacing, is where the real magic comes in. This is where we even out any dips, waves, or other blemishes apparent when the popcorn comes off. The last step is a quick sanding to make the ceiling flawless. Read more about’s unique process.


Bedroom of Burnaby condo after popcorn ceiling removal
Bedroom of Burnaby condo after popcorn ceiling removal
Popcorn ceiling removal in dining room of Burnaby condo
Popcorn ceiling removal in dining room of Burnaby condo
Brighter hallway after popcorn ceiling removal
Brighter hallway after popcorn ceiling removal
Popcorn ceiling removal in the living room
Popcorn ceiling removal in the living room





















No Strings Attached

If you’re like us, you believe that popcorn belongs at the movies, not stuck to your ceilings. Contact today for a quote on popcorn ceiling removal.  Unlike some companies, we don’t charge for providing a quote and our quotes are always obligation free. So send us an email, or give us a call at 604-420-7578.  


Get a FREE quote on popcorn ceiling removal!



Popcorn ceilings and people’s thoughts


We asked them what they think about their popcorn ceilings

Ceiling texture that has cracked over the years
Ceiling texture that has cracked over the years

As a company that has built its business around removing popcorn ceilings in Metro Vancouver, you would imagine that we have a certain bias against textured ceiling. But one thing is for certain. If our potential customers didn’t have a problem with textured ceilings in their home, our business would have never been plausible.

In addition to the potential hazards that we have explained your popcorn ceiling can pose, we set out to do a social experiment and ask our clients, what is it about popcorn ceilings that they dislike, and what motivates them to get in touch with As you may imagine, there were a variety of responses, some of which contained colourful language that doesn’t belong on this blog. But below is a slice of some of the responses that we got;


And here’s what they told us

Greta from Richmond, BC: One problem is you can’t dust them without the “popcorn” coming off. Super annoying, particularly around any ceiling fans.


Raymond from New Westminster  BC: Asbestos was used in the ceiling texture during the 50s and 60s. It’s use actually extended well into the late 70s and it’s frequently found in houses of that era. The expense of scraping the popcorn is significantly increased if it is present, assuming the contractors go the full 9 yards. Somewhere between double and triple the cost.


Leung from Burnaby, BC: I had popcorn ceilings in one of my investment properties at Metrotown. The popcorn ceilings were painted several times. Popcorn isn’t fun to paint over! Even with the thicker rollers you have to go over it at least 4-5 times to make sure you get enough paint on. Then you have the issue of the popcorn falling off while you are painting it. I hate it and I’m glad it’s gone.


Richard (Custom Home Buider) from West Vancouver, BC: Popcorn ceilings were only designed to hide poor ceiling finishes. You typically don’t see popcorn ceilings in custom built homes but more in condominiums or spec homes.


Susan from Port Moody, BC: I’m with the “no popcorn” people. It’s what everyone has said and worse, if you ask me. They hold nasty cobwebs and rain popcorn pellets on you when you try to dust them. Painting them is awful and time consuming, but like any ceiling, they yellow in time and must be repainted every so often. And yes, they are really just a cheap way to hide blemishes. And I’m going to be even more curmudgeonly and say that I don’t buy the “acoustic” argument. We had the ceiling texture in our vaulted living room ceiling removed, and we have solid-surface floors. We really do not have a problem at all with echoing & noise. Project creep is just an excuse. Get them removed when you have those floors installed. The result will be gorgeous.


Wayne from Langley, BC: I am a general contractor and have been for 30 plus years. I’ve applied popcorn texture to many ceilings and have owned homes with it also. I also suffer with allergies, and the dust from the popcorn does a real number on me.The thing with the popcorn ceiling is that it deteriorates over time and decomposes into dust particles that fall all over you, your bed, furniture, floors, pictures frames, moldings, etc. The only way to fix this is to remove the texture and have a smooth ceiling so you can breathe clean air for a bit. The flat textured ceilings also dry and deteriorate over time, but as you can tell if you pass a broom across it, a lot less of the texture will fall off on each stroke than the coarse popcorn ceilings.


Collin from Coquitlam, BC: 1975 popcorn ceiling got water damage and started falling down at one house I lived in . The popcorn tested positive for asbestos of course. Assume any popcorn ceiling has asbestos until proven otherwise just like you assume all 1970s or earlier paint contains lead.


Joan from North Vancouver, BC: I would be worried about getting mesothelioma from a deteriorating popcorn ceiling. It would be insane to remove a popcorn ceiling without a professional. You cannot be sure what is in the popcorn ceiling. People seem very unaware of the potential hazards. If you get cancer from removing the ceiling or living with a crumbling one, it would be years later. I think the public is sadly unaware.


Christine from Vancouver, BC: Not only do I hate popcorn, but I hate all textures, both ceilings and walls. They look tacky and gross. When I see textured walls or ceilings, I imagine a scenario in which two hillbillies banter back and forth about how to class up their trailer home. The one says to the other, “You know what would really class up our home, hon? Textured ceilin’s ‘n some fancy wooden trim! Yeehaw!” My husband and I just spent the whole day de-tackifying a room full of textured walls and ceilings, and ripping off trim. The simpler, the better in my opinion- and classier looking too.


Nolan from White Rock, BC: Seems like people either hate these ceilings or are indifferent to them. Does anybody actually like popcorn ceilings though? Not that I’ve heard of. By the way, if you are concerned about noise traveling from room to room, a good solid-core door does much more to fight noise than acoustic ceilings ever could.
Jason from Port Coquitlam, BC: While I admit the acoustic dampening is good if you have hard floors and nothing in the house, for carpeted houses and houses with actual furniture, wall art, shelves, etc… popcorn ceilings can be more annoying than useful. I have already accidentally scraped the popcorn from some our low ceilings numerous times in the two and half years since we moved in and been quite annoyed by the dust falling in my eyes, clothes, food, etc. I sleep in a loft bed, so I am particularly close to the ceiling which makes it even more annoying. And the fact that you can never match the existing texture perfectly when you repair it, makes things worse. Even worse, we have a moth infestation, and find several bloody waxworms crawling around the walls and roof per day. We vacuum them up frequently to prevent them laying more eggs, but spotting them is made much harder due to the stupid popcorn. This is particularly annoying because they do not stay on the roof, they actually spin silk to come down or even just fall right off, so we are trying to get into the habit of covering all of our food so that we don’t end up with a mouthful of maggots (not to mention that every twitch of the hair makes us think that a worm just fell on our heads). If the ceiling was flat, the task would be so much easier, cleaner and faster.


Helen from Surrey, BC: Moth maggots have been falling from my ugly popcorn ceiling for weeks now. I will hear a light pop and look over to see one trying to snuggle up with me on our leather sofa, it’s absolutely gross! So I took a tissue and a chair and walked around to try and nap the suckers from their popcorn dream home. I discovered SO many stuck up there inside a small web-like cocoon. I am removing the popcorn ceilings pronto! I can’t have worms raining from my ceiling any longer!


Here’s what you can do

Damaged popcorn ceiling peeling off
Damaged popcorn ceiling peeling off


If you are in agreement with the statements our fellow citizens have made about their popcorn ceilings, but don’t have the time or patience to deal with the problem, you’re still in luck. Contact the professionals at TODAY!

We will come in, measure your place, give you a firm price and stick to it. We’ll deal with the pain of removing those ugly popcorn ceilings so you don’t have to. We’re in and out with a quick turnaround time and we won’t leave a large dent in your wallet.Simply fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you in within 24 hours.



Do your textured ceilings make you cringe? Click here to do something about them!

Cracked ceiling in Metrotown, Burnaby

Cracked concrete ceiling in condo repaired Burnaby BC

The owner of this condo in Burnaby, like many others, was suffering from cracks that appeared in the centre and along the edges of the concrete ceiling. Frustrated after many years of looking at the ugly cracked ceiling, she decided to do something about it. She was told by other contractors that “nothing could be done” about the crack problem other than filling the crack with silicone caulking which was even uglier than the crack itself. Frustrated, the owner contacted us at

Cracked ceiling in condo repaired near Metrotown; Burnaby, BC
Cracked ceiling in condo repaired near Metrotown; Burnaby, BC

This condo came with a typical concrete ceiling that was sprayed with coarse popcorn texture by the original builder. We removed the coarse texture, ground the ceiling all the way down to the source of the crack, patched the crack so that it wouldn’t come back in the future and finished the ceiling to a very smooth, flat and beautiful finish. The way it should have been done in the first place. We also painted the ceiling and the walls for this nice lady. Now, she has a fresh, smooth ceiling in her home and she can breathe easier without all the dust and allergens getting trapped in the popcorn texture.



Click on thumbnails to see full size pictures:

Popcorn ceiling texture removed from concrete ceilings
Popcorn ceiling texture removed from concrete ceilings
Cracked ceiling around the edges
Cracked ceiling around the edges


Cracked ceiling around pot light repaired
Cracked ceiling around pot light repaired

Contact us for Cracked Ceiling Repair

If the concrete ceiling in your condo is cracked and cracks are showing through the popcorn ceiling texture, don’t wait any longer for the problem to get worse. Use the quick form below to contact us here at and let us help you get your ceilings back to being crack-free, smooth and free of texture.


Do you have cracks in your ceilings? Click here to take action!

Leaky roof causes ceiling cracks and delamination in Burnaby

Roof Leak in Burnaby causes cracked and delaminated ceilings
Laky roof in Burnaby causes cracked and delaminated ceilings
Roof Leak in Burnaby causes cracked ceilings

First things first; Deal with the leaky roof

The leaky roof in this Burnaby-North home was casing major headaches for the owners. Their leaky roof problem in previous years, had eventually traveled down into their ceiling and started turning their ceiling texture into something that looked like it belonged in a horror movie.

Remember, the risks associated with a leak in your roof are not limited to an ugly stain on the ceiling, or some irregular looking ceiling texture. Leaky roofs are one of the major contributors to the development of mold and mildew inside wall and ceiling cavities that can lead to respiratory illnesses and other health complications in your family.

A Leaky roof and subsequent damaged ceilings can cost a fortune

The family had contacted other outfits that claimed they could fix the ceiling, but all these other outfits ended up suggesting removal of the entire ceiling or drywalling on top of the existing ceiling. Both those options were impractical and very expensive with some quote coming in at $4000.

Now if you have just paid thousands of dollars to replace your leaky roof, the last thing you want to be doing is to spend another few thousand to get the damaged ceilings back to normal. And as suggested in this GlobalBC story, a leaky roof can cost a homeowner/landlord a lot of money. to the rescue

That’s where we came in and helped the homeowner fix his damaged ceiling for a fraction of the original quote. Not only do the ceilings look great after our process, they are also fixed properly with minimal disruption to the people living in the house. The leaky roof was a distant memory and the ceilings were smooth, popcorn-free and beautiful. We then finished the ceilings with 2 coats of premium ceiling paint and returned the house to a very happy family.

The results speak for themselves. If you have a ceiling in your home where the texture is cracking, delaminating or otherwise coming off as a result of a leaky roof or any other mishap, please contact us today and let us help you get your ceiling back to a beautiful new look.


Click on thumbnails to see full size pictures.

Are your ceilings damaged as a result of a leak? Click here to take action!

Smooth ceilings in Burnaby

smooth ceilings in metrotown, Burnaby (hirise dining room popcorn ceiling texture removal)

This cozy, 1980’s hi-rise apartment at Metrotown, was in need of some well-deserved renovation, and that’s exactly what the owners decided to do. Once the furniture was removed and carpet was pulled up, we moved in to remove that ugly ceiling texture, which had been collecting dust for over 20 years. Not to mention that after 20 years, the owners were sick and tired of looking at it. The owners of this cozy condo were simply looking for one thing;  smooth ceilings throughout the apartment.

smooth ceilings in metrotown, Burnaby (hirise dining room popcorn ceiling texture removal)We removed the popcorn ceiling, skim coated the underlying (rough) concrete ceiling, sanded the ceiling to a smooth finish and painted the ceiling with a ceiling-specific, flat, white primer and paint. As you can see, the results speak for themselves. There is a specific problem that concrete ceilings pose when removing the textured ceilings. This problem is no apparent prior to painting the concrete ceilings and if you have an inexperienced person trying to make smooth ceilings out of textured concrete ceilings, you usually run into a finished ceiling that is uneven and imperfect.

With over 20 years of experience in the specific science of removing textured ceilings and making beautiful smooth ceilings throughout Metro Vancouver, is your first choice for smooth ceilings.



Click on thumbnails to see full size pictures.

Are you looking to have smooth texture free ceilings? Click here to get in touch with us!

If you own a house or apartment in the Greater Vancouver area and are thinking of doing some renovations, it is the perfect time to contact us at for a quote. We will set up a site meeting, measure your ceiling, go over the details of the process with you and finally submit a written, firm quote. The initial consultation and the quote are free. We will help you get the smooth ceilings you are looking for and in the meantime we will show you how to add thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

Additionally, find out about other renovation services offered by our sister company (Rocman Enterprises Inc) by clicking here.

Your home is brighter with smooth ceilings


That’s the conclusion that the owner of this North Burnaby condo had come to before he asked us to remove some ugly popcorn ceiling texture that was 23 years old. It was starting to show it’s age. Edges of the ceiling were starting to delaminate and it was generally time to say goodbye to the popcorn texture.

As you can see in the pictures, we haven’t even covered the furniture! That is thanks to our completely dust-free , no-mess system. All we did was move the furniture to the edges of the room so we could work on the ceiling. Total time spent on this project was one full working day plus a portion of the morning on the second day.

Give us a call today to have us remove your popcorn ceiling texture and make those ugly ceilings beautiful again. No-Dust, No-Mess, Guaranteed!


Click to enlarge










High-rise ceiling texture removed

Remove Ceiling Texture dot Com (Vancouver, BC)

The owner wanted us to get rid of the popcorn texture throughout this highrise unit in Burnaby. This texture was quite course (SnowTex) and it was a slightly longer process to get rid of. The total time from delivery of materials to the final sweep and getting our tools packed away was 2 days. As you can see, the results speak for themselves. Please leave your comments about this post.

Remove Ceiling Texture dot Com (Vancouver, BC)

Remove Ceiling Texture dot Com (Vancouver, BC)

Remove Ceiling Texture dot Com (Vancouver, BC)

Remove Ceiling Texture dot Com (Vancouver, BC)