Smooth ceilings in Burnaby

smooth ceilings in metrotown, Burnaby (hirise dining room popcorn ceiling texture removal)

This cozy, 1980’s hi-rise apartment at Metrotown, was in need of some well-deserved renovation, and that’s exactly what the owners decided to do. Once the furniture was removed and carpet was pulled up, we moved in to remove that ugly ceiling texture, which had been collecting dust for over 20 years. Not to mention that after 20 years, the owners were sick and tired of looking at it. The owners of this cozy condo were simply looking for one thing; ┬ásmooth ceilings throughout the apartment.

smooth ceilings in metrotown, Burnaby (hirise dining room popcorn ceiling texture removal)We removed the popcorn ceiling, skim coated the underlying (rough) concrete ceiling, sanded the ceiling to a smooth finish and painted the ceiling with a ceiling-specific, flat, white primer and paint. As you can see, the results speak for themselves. There is a specific problem that concrete ceilings pose when removing the textured ceilings. This problem is no apparent prior to painting the concrete ceilings and if you have an inexperienced person trying to make smooth ceilings out of textured concrete ceilings, you usually run into a finished ceiling that is uneven and imperfect.

With over 20 years of experience in the specific science of removing textured ceilings and making beautiful smooth ceilings throughout Metro Vancouver, is your first choice for smooth ceilings.



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Beautiful, Smooth and Popcorn-Free in Delta

This early 1980’s character home was recently purchased by a professional couple. It was in mainly fine shape except for one thing. Ceiling texture, ugly, unsightly ceiling texture. So we went in at the owner’s request and did what we do best. Transformed the existing textured ceilings into beautiful, smooth, healthy ceilings.

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Your home is brighter with smooth ceilings


That’s the conclusion that the owner of this North Burnaby condo had come to before he asked us to remove some ugly popcorn ceiling texture that was 23 years old. It was starting to show it’s age. Edges of the ceiling were starting to delaminate and it was generally time to say goodbye to the popcorn texture.

As you can see in the pictures, we haven’t even covered the furniture! That is thanks to our completely dust-free , no-mess system. All we did was move the furniture to the edges of the room so we could work on the ceiling. Total time spent on this project was one full working day plus a portion of the morning on the second day.

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